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Solar Employs Nuclear Destroys

Solar Employs Nuclear Destroys, Cause, Button Museum
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Solar Employs Nuclear Destroys, Cause, Button Museum
Solar Employs Nuclear Destroys - Alternate Button
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Red text on a yellow background sits near the top and yellow text on a green background sits near the bottom. 

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Anti-nuclear items including this one have been featured as a part of an exhibition in 1986 conducted by the Victorian Government for the 1986 International Year of Peace. The exhibition was entitled "Peace: an Exhibition" and it set out to explore and educate others about the peace movement as well as nuclear disarmament.

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We came up with this expression and used dry transfer letters to create the design. Ewe introduced it in 1977. We stated our two-person mail-order partnership in August 1975. (Kate Donnelly (1952- ) and Clay Colt (1951- ) It has been out of print since around 1988. But the message is truer today than it was in 1978.