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SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTH CONGRESS SAYCO Freedom or Death, Victory is Certain
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White button with black text. A red, yellow and green circle is in the center with the image of people waving a flag on it. 

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The South African Youth Congress (SAYCO) was made up of young men and women who were often working class and unemployed. Local youth organizations were established at the grassroots and then organized into SAYCO starting in 1987. They were closely allied with student groups, but looked toward working class men and women to lead in the struggle for freedom. The words "Freedom or Death - Victory is Certain" were the motto of the South African Youth Congress and their symbol is a group of young people running across South Africa with a red flag reading SAYCO. Their goals were to increase the political participation of youth, convince those young people who had jobs to join unions, and to support compulsory education for children and youth of all races. In 1990 SAYCO integrated into the ANC Youth League. 


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