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St. John's 500th Cabot Celebration

St. John's 500th Cabot Celebration Event Button Museum
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St. John's 500th Cabot Celebration button back Event Button Museum
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St. John's 500th CABOT CELEBRATION 1497-1997
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Illustration of a brown boat with gold sails shaped like numbers on a white background with an outer blue with white text

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In 1997, the Newfoundland Historical Society hosted a six month long celebration of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of John Cabot, who sailed from Bristol, England and landed in the region now known as Bonavista in Newfoundland in 1497.

The city of St. John’s hosted the Summit of the Sea, in which policy makers from around the world met to discuss environmental issues, as well as an international choral festival. Other events included a Northern Lights Festival,the Labrador 400 dog sled race, and the Labrador Winter Games.


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