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Illustration of a stop sign with red text underneath on a white background

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Drug abuse is the misuse of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medicines. It can negatively interfere with the person’s self-control. Drug use can affect the person’s brain, which leads to the person becoming less able to enjoy hobbies such as social activities. Long-term use could also affect the person’s ability to learning, judgment, decision making, stress, memory, and behavior. Drug addiction is unpredictable, as a combination of factors such as genetic, environmental, and developmental factors influences the risk.

Although treatment for drug addiction isn’t curable, it can be manageable. Research shows that patients can recover from drug abuse by combining treatment medicines with behavior therapy. Drug abuse can also be preventable. People can spread awareness to prevent drug abuse by hosting prevention programs through schools, families, communities, and social media. Educating people about the risks of drug use plays a crucial role in preventing drug addiction and abuse.


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