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Stop It! I Like It

Stop It! I Like It Advertising Button Museum
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Stop It! I Like It button back Advertising Button Museum
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Stop it! I like it!
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White background with black text and illustration. The illustration of a cartoon-looking man with a beautiful woman.

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Hassan Cigarettes, Factory no 30, 2nd Dist. N.Y., W&H Co., Patented

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Cigarette companies would send these buttons to local stores so they could be given away when someone bought their cigarettes. Whitehead and Hoag manufactured them and also worked with designers to come up with different designs and series of buttons that they thought people would like, for example, the "I'm the Guy" series and the State series.  The variety of options made them collectable and made for repeat cigarette sales.

The person who originally got this one must have had a sense of humor. It seems pretty suggestive!

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