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Stop Star Wars

Stop Star Wars Cause Button Museum
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Stop Star Wars button back Cause Button Museum
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STOP STAR WARS For A Peaceful Future
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White text on a red background.

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Chicago Peace Council

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“Star Wars” (officially known as The Strategic Defense Initiative) was a proposed missile defense system that would shield the Continental United States from attacks by nuclear weapons. The plan, formally announced in 1983, called for research into the the development of lasers, particle beams, and satellite-based missiles to detect and neutralize nuclear threats to the United States. However, analysts and researchers concluded it would take a decade just to complete the research necessary to confirm if the plan was even possible, let alone if the technology would be available. High costs and poorly defined goals led to significant pushback from the public with the media dubbing the program with the moniker Star Wars led to it being de-funded year by year until its total dissolution in 1993 by President Clinton. 

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