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Streaking Instructor

Streaking Instructor Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Streaking Instructor button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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A green illustration of a streaking man on a white background encircled by green text and a green border. 

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The term “streaking” was first used in 1973 and was coined during a mass nude run at the university of Maryland. Though the act of streaking had been popular since the mid-1960's, the name streaking had not emerged as the favorite term immediately. Streaking is different than nudism and flashing because streaking is to draw attention and be noticed by an audience, not as a lifestyle or to shock a victim. Streaking hit its prime in 1974 as there were thousands of streaking events took place and there was in influx of novelty created such as buttons, patches, t-shirts, etc. to cash in on the fad. March of 1974 also saw what is still considered the largest streaking event on record; 1543 people streaked at the University of Georgia as they stripped down and went for a jog.

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