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Illustration of a man on a white background with purple text and a purple outer edge

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The Sunny Jim Club was a fan club for Sunny Jim's Radio Hour on WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At that time, WISN served as a branch of the Wisconsin News, a major local paper. 

"Sunny Jim" was a pseudonym for J. Nash McCrea. At the time that the show aired, McCrea was also working as a sports writer for Wisconsin News and the Milwaukee Sentinel. Aside from his work in newspaper and radio, McCrea is more widely remembered as a champion bicyclist, who at the age of 17 entered the 1904 Olympic games in St. Louis, Missouri. McCrea did not win a medal, but he did earn the nickname "Crash McCrea" for his reckless riding habits. In his later years, McCrea became active in the Milwaukee Newspaper Guild, serving as both president and secretary.


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