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Sutton Button button back Advertising Button Museum
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Illustration of a red apple with white text on it.  The two letter "O"s are depicted as clothing buttons.  White background.

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(union bug)

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Percy E. Sutton was a lawyer, politician, and businessman. Sutton began his political career in the early 1950s. Having gone to law school and enrolled in the Air Force during the Korean War, Sutton was ready to begin a career in the middle of the civil rights movement. In 1965, Sutton, having already formed a personal and professional relationship with activist Malcolm X, litigated for his body after the assassination to ensure Malcolm X was buried properly. During the 1960s and on, Sutton was the longest-serving Manhattan borough president and the highest ranking black elected official for more than a decade in New York City, "the big apple". Sutton campaigned for mayor of New York City in 1977. Although Sutton did not win that election, later political figures credited him for helping to pave the way for their campaigns.


Martin Douglas. (2009 December 27) Percy E. Sutton, political trailblazer, dies at 89.The New York Times.

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