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Try a McJordan Special

Try a McJordan Special Chicago Button Museum
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Try a McJordan Special button back Chicago Button Museum
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Portrait picture of Michael Jordan on the left of a large printed black block text all on a white background.

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In the early 1990’s, Michael Jordan’s popularity led to the fast food chain, McDonald’s, creating a hamburger named after the basketball celebrity. The burger claimed to include all of Jordan’s favorite toppings: mustard, cheese, pickles, onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce (called McJordan BBQ sauce). The burger’s run was short, and only sold in the Midwest before it was pulled in 1992. Later it would show up in the news again when a one-gallon jug of McJordan BBQ sauce was sold on eBay for nearly $10,000 in 2012 - twenty years after it had expired.

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