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UAW Carter Mondale Region 10

UAW Carter Mondale Region 10 Political Button Museum
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UAW Carter Mondale Region 10 button back Political Button Museum
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White squiggly horizontal line in the center, white text above and below it, green background.

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Voters elected Democrat Jimmy Carter as the 39th United States President in 1976. His Vice President was U.S. Senator Walter Mondale from Minnesota. They captured 50.1 percent of the vote beating Republican candidate Gerald Ford and his running mate Bob Dole. Carter and Mondale remained in the White House until 1981 after losing the 1980 election to Republican Ronald Reagan and his running mate George H.W. Bush.

The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, or UAW, Region 10  was made up of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, and North and South Dakota. Most of UAW Region 10’s membership was in Minnesota and Wisconsin’s automobile and agriculture industries. UAW was founded in 1935, and Region 10 formed in 1949 after Region 4 was split. Region 10 rejoined with Region 4 in 1992.

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