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Unifix® it!
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Unifix® Cubes are a teaching aid that is in a form of interlocking cubes and trays. They are tools for elementary students to use for math activities in the classroom. The cubes were invented by Charles Tacey in 1953. The patent of Unifix® Cubes was renewed in 2013 and they are still being used in schools today. Common in a box of Unifix® Cubes are 600 total cubes, 2 Box sets of 300 Unifix counting cubes, 10 colors, 30 pieces of each color in each box. Also usually in a box is a 15 page activities booklet with information about Patterns Counting, Ordering/Sequencing, Graphing, Estimation, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. There are many free printable activity guides available online.

Gaining popularity in the second half of the twentieth century, Unifix cubes are prevalent in mathematics education and now growing in language arts and grammar. Manipulating an object allows a user to learn through an developmentally appropriate hands on experience. With continual use of manipulative objects, such as UnIfix Cubes, for mathematics education in the classroom, the user can gain a understanding of math at a conceptual level.


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