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United States and Cuba Flags

United States and Cuba Flags Political Button Museum
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United States and Cuba Flags button back Political Button Museum
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Illustration of crossed American and Cuban flags with red text on a white background.

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The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, N.J., U.S.A.
July 17, 1894
April 14, 1896
July 21, 1896

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The international relationship and sovereignty of the United States and Cuba has a complicated history in continual development. In the 1890s, Cuba was a colony of Spain and were conflicting with the U.S. over tariffs. By the end of the decade, Cubans despised everything Spanish and began an era of anarchy and racial warfare. During their separation from the Spanish part of the colony, Cuba sought annexation to the United States to keep their wealth, which destroyed the rebel military, but left the country politically unstable again. Cuba and the U.S. reestablished a relationship in 2014 and succeeded in establishing a peace after 54 years. Among the top considerations are democracy promotion programs, modernizing popular sovereignty, and self-determination.


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