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Vanna White is Brighter

Vanna White is Brighter Political Button Museum
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Vanna White is Brighter button back Political Button Museum
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White and yellow text on a black background.

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In his address at the 1987 Annual Convention of Kiwanis International, President Ronald Reagan discussed among numerous topics the issue of tax hikes. During his speech, President Reagan famously noted that:

"From now till the day I leave office, I won't hesitate for one moment to use my veto power. And if a tax hike makes it to my desk, I'll veto it in less time than it takes Vanna White to turn the letters V-E-T-O."

The comment is in reference to Vanna White, a television personality who is best known as the hostess of the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. The show involves contestants solving word puzzles to win money and other prizes as determined by spinning a giant wheel. White has continued in her role on the show alongside the shows host, Pat Sajak

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