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Vote con el Aguila Negra

Vote con el Aguila Negra Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Vote con el Aguila Negra back Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black image of bird with red and yellow rays and yellow text on white background.

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Union bug

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The Black Eagle became the symbol of the United Farm Workers in 1962. The colors were chosen by Cesar Chavez, a community organizer who led strikes throughout the 1960's on behalf of farm workers. The majority of farm workers were Latin American. As such, they were subject to racial discrimination and anti-immigration sentiment in the communities where they worked. The most famous of these protests were the Delano grape strikes which lasted for five years between 1965 and 1970, during which more than 1,000 laborers picketed for higher wages and health benefits. These rights were eventually granted when the grape growers signed contracts with the UFW, affecting more than 10,000 farm workers nationwide.


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Nevarez, Griselda (2011, July 28). "United Farm Workers co-founder Richard Chavez dies". Tucson Sentinel. Retrieved from


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