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Vote Prohibition 1976

Vote Prohibition 1976 Political Button Museum
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Vote Prohibition 1976 button back Political Button Museum
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Red and black text around two black and white photographs of two men's heads on a white background

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This is a campaign button from the 1976 presidential election in support of the Prohibition Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees, Benjamin C. Bubar from Maine and Earl F. Dodge from Colorado. The Prohibition Party is best known for its historic opposition to the sale or consumption of alcohol and was integral in the temperance movement. It is the oldest existing third political party in the U.S. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 it declined rapidly and only earned 518 votes in the 2012 presidential election. Benjamin Bubar was an ordained minister who actively supported the temperance movement. Earl Dodge went on to be the party’s presidential nominee from 1984 to 2000.

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