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Vote Prohibition Munn

Vote Prohibition Munn Political Button Museum
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Vote Prohibition Munn button back Political Button Museum
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Vote Prohibition MUNN for PRESIDENT
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White and red text on a red and white background with an illustration of a capital building over a black and white photograph of a man's head

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E. Harold Munn was a U.S. politician based out of Michigan. He was a member of the Prohibition Party and quickly rose to become its state chair in 1947. Munn ran for both Governor of Michigan (1952 & 1954) and President of the United States (1960 & 1964) but never received more than .31% of the vote in any of the elections he participated in. The Prohibition Party advocates for the Prohibition of alcohol and other vices and at nearly 150 years old, having been founded in 1869, is currently the oldest of the non-major political parties. 

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