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Vote Upham for Governor

Vote Upham for Governor Political Button Museum
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Vote Upham for Governor button back Political Button Museum
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William Upham was a Massachusetts native who tragically spent many years of his enlistment in the Civil War as a prisoner of war. After the war ended, Upham became a graduate of West Point and pursued many business ventures. This all changed in 1887, when the town of Marshfield burnt to the ground. Utilizing his resources, Upham helped to rebuild the town.

After this experience and the trust that he gained from the citizens, Upham switched careers and became a politician. He started at the local level, at first becoming an alderman then a mayor. Upham kept climbing the political ranks until he became Governor of Massachusetts in 1894 on the Republican ticket. He did not seek re-election in 1896 and quietly retired back to Marshfield, then Florida.


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