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Wake Up Chicago!

Wake Up Chicago! Chicago Button Museum
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Wake Up Chicago! button back Chicago Button Museum
Art Hellyer
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Wake up Chicago! IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!
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Black text over a ringing alarm clock illustration on white background, white text on blue background on lower third of button.

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Union Bug

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This slogan was used by radio and television broadcaster Art Hellyer. Since the mid-1940s, Art Hellyer has been a cornerstone of Chicago broadcasting. He was a television announcer, sports broadcaster, news anchor and feature reporter with WLS-TV (and its predecessor, WBKB-TV). He also spent time with WMAQ-TV & WBBM-TV. He was the deep voice heard over many advertisements. He is probably best known locally for his over 50 years in radio, where his dry, off-beat sense of humor and outspoken ways thrilled fans and infuriated management. Over the years, Art Hellyer had worked for WCFL-AM, WBBM-AM, WJJD-AM, WGN-AM, WAIT-AM, WIND-AM, WMAQ-AM, WLS-AM and WLS-FM. Hellyer's zany wit and "take no prisoners" attitude was a huge hit with listeners, but got him fired frequently. Regardless of his many firings, Hellyer was the #1 rated on-air personality in Chicago four different times, on four different stations, in four different decades.


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