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Walk-A-Thon for Lutheran Education

Walk-A-Thon for Lutheran Education Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Walk-A-Thon for Lutheran Education back Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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A walk-a-thon is a type of community fundraiser. Participants will walk a planned course (half a mile, one mile, a lap around a track, etc.), and each time they pass the start line, money will go to a cause. If you were to walk ten laps around a track and had ten donors who pledged they would pay $10 every time you completed a lap, you would have raised $1,000. There might be volunteers who cross out the number of laps you do on your lap card, fill cups of water for participants to drinks, cheer, and play music during the event. This is meant to be a fun fundraiser that also includes some light exercise. There are many reasons to hold a walk-a-thon; in this case, the cause is for Lutheran education.


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