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George Corley Wallace, Jr. is a former governor, 4 time presidential candidate, and First Gentleman of Alabama. Serving four terms as Governor of Alabama, Wallace holds the record for most days served as governor in American history. Known for his populist views, originally Wallace supported segregation, but later changed his position and supported its disillusion.

After serving one term as governor of Alabama, Wallace ran for president in 1964, but lost the Democratic bid to Lyndon B. Johnson. Because of term limits, his was unable to seek a second term as governor in 1966, however his wife Lurleen Burns Wallace successfully ran instead. Wallace was influential during his wife's governorship, with many feeling she was just a proxy for him. Wallace ran for president again in 1968 as an independent and lost to Richard Nixon. In 1970, he sucessfully ran for his second term as governer of Alabama, but that did not stop him from running for president again in 1972—once again as a democrat. On May 15, 1972, Wallace was the victim of an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed. Wallace remained in politics after the assasination attempt, running for president a fourth time in 1976 and serving one more term as governer of Alabama in 1982. Following his 1982 gubernatorial term, Wallace retired from politics. 

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