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We Can Do It

We Can Do It Cause Button Museum
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We Can Do It button back Cause Button Museum
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We Can Do It!
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Illustration of a female wearing blue coveralls and a red and white polka dot bandana in her hair on a yellow background with a blue text bubble above with white text in it

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DONNELLY/COLT HAMPTON CT 06247 860-455-9621

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We Can Do It was a propaganda poster designed in 1943 by graphic artist J. Howard Miller for the Westinghouse Corporation. The illustration is often mistakenly referred to as Rosie the Riveter (the true Rosie the Riveter artwork was painted by Norman Rockwell for the cover of the May 29, 1943 edition of the Saturday Evening Post). Miller’s poster was designed to encourage females to join the workforce during the Second World War, in order to help industries on the home front meet production demands. Today, We Can Do It continues to be reprinted as a symbol of determination and accomplishment.

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