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Winter Carnival Whitefish, Montana

Winter Carnival Whitefish, Montana Event Button Museum
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Winter Carnival Whitefish, Montana button back Event Button Museum
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Winter Carnival Whitefish, Montana Feb 17-18-19 1967
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Illustration of gold-colored snowflake with black text.  Gold text on a black background.

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A group of Whitefish, Montana, residents launched the first Whitefish Winter Carnival in 1960, basing it on the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in Minnesota. The festival celebrates the local lore of Nordic god Ullr, who is said to have lived in the mountains near Whitefish. Humans eventually moved to the region and helped Ullr drive away the yetis that would at times steal Ullr’s queen, the Queen of Snows. Activities for the weekend festival each February include a torchlight ski parade, a penguin plunge, and the crowning of new royalty, among other events. 


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