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Wire Power Braces

Wire Power Braces Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Wire Power Braces back Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Wire Power for a bright bite!
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Giraffe wearing braces with brown text on white background

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C B & W ORTHO 1981 NO WP-90

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Orthodontic braces have been a source of stigma, staring, and discomfort over the years. The metal attached to teeth draws attention by changing the wearer's speech, appearance, and eating habits for a limited time. By promoting value or super features attributed to someone by wearing braces, orthodontists and dental professionals disavow negative remarks and feelings toward those who wear braces. This positive reinforcement helps wearers feel more comfortable and confident during their dental treatment time period.

Children and adults can receive braces for the correction of bite, smile, or injury. Braces are worn for a limited time. Traditional braces consist of metal or plastic brackets affixed to teeth, a wire that goes in between the brackets, and small rubberbands that hold the wire to the brackets. The teeth will move in the mouth as they are pulled closer to the path of the wire by the tension from the bracket and rubberband to correct a smile or bite.


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