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Wonder Bread Eater

Wonder Bread Eater Advertising Button Museum
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Wonder Bread Eater button back Advertising Button Museum
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Red text on a white background with a red rim. 

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Wonder Bread is a type of bread sold in North America, first introduced in the United States in 1921 by Indianapolis-based Taggart Baking Company. During the 1930s, it became one of the first breads to be sold pre-sliced. 

Wonder Bread became a staple of the twentieth century American diet. Until the 1960s, Wonder Bread made up 25 to 30 percent of the daily calories consumed by Americans (Bobrow-Strain, 2012). The popularity of Wonder Bread symbolized the shift in American consumerism toward mass-produced manufactured goods. This has shifted in the decades since as Americans ideas about healthy eating evolved, and Wonder Bread declined in popularity despite some attempts to produce healthier products.


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