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You Can't af-Ford Not To

You Can't af-Ford Not To Political Button Museum
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You Can't af-Ford Not To button back Political Button Museum
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Vote for CARTER. You can't af-FORD not to.
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Green and red text on a white background with an outer black edge

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In the 1976 election Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter ran a hard fought campaign to unseat President Gerald Ford. One popular tactic utilized by Carter was to criticize Ford for his handling of the Watergate Scandal and Richard Nixon’s subsequent resignation. In 1972, after the fallout from the attempted coverup of the Watergate Scandal, President Richard Nixon was forced under public pressure to resign. His Vice President Gerald Ford quickly assumed office and used his executive power to pardon Nixon of any crimes. This move generated significant criticism towards Ford’s administration and accusations of backdoor deals even sprang up (Kutler). The 1976 election saw much of this anger captured on propaganda materials displaying criticism of President Ford.


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