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Zoso Jimmy Page

Zoso Jimmy Page Music Button Museum
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Zoso Jimmy Page button back Music Button Museum
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Black text on a yellow background

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"Zoso" refers to a symbol associated with the guitarist Jimmy Page from the band Led Zeppelin. 

In 1971, following a disappointing reception to their previous album, "Led Zeppelin III", the band decided to release their fourth album without an official title.  The band name Led Zeppelin does not appear on the cover, and the names of the musicians are absent from the liner notes as well.  Instead, the band members each devised symbols to represent themselves. 

While the symbol appears to spell the word "Zoso", Jimmy Page has explained that it was not intended to be a word at all.  Due to Page's interest in the occult, it is likely that he was inspired by a symbol representing the planet Saturn that appeared in the alchemy textbook Ars Magica Arteficii from 1557.

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