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Sealtest Spring Garden Salad Cottage Cheese

Sealtest Spring Garden Salad Cottage Cheese Advertising Button Museum
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Sealtest Spring Garden Salad Cottage Cheese button back Advertising Button Museum
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TRY NEW! Sealtest TRADEMARK with a hint of Oil and Vinegar added! Spring Garden Salad Cottage Cheese
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Green, capitalized text at the very top above a green and red carton of cottage cheese with a red Sealtest logo and green font flanked by images of celery, parsley, possibly peppers and garlic on a white background.

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Sealtest Dairy was a division of the National Dairy Products Corporation that manufactured dairy products throughout the United States. It is the predecessor to Kraft Foods, Inc. One of its products included spring garden salad cottage cheese in a plastic container.

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We sold this during Lent season.... We couldn't keep it in stock.... This is one of many items sold by Sealtest that I would Love to eat again if all possible.

Would love tobeable to purchase this again. Is there a recipe available so I make my own if it is not available for purchase?