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"Da" Driving Force Of Chicago Da Bulls

"Da" Driving Force Of Chicago Da Bulls Advertising Button Museum
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"Da" Driving Force of Chicago DA BULLS Venture Hanes Hanes Her Way
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Chicago Bulls logo between text: DA BULLS. Red and black text. Gray and white background.

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“DA BULLS” is a reference to the Bill Swerski’s Superfans sketch on Saturday Night Live.  It was prominently featured on the show from 1991-1992 and depicted a group of obsessive Chicago sports fans.  They wore dark sunglasses and thick mustaches, resembling Mike Ditka, their idol.  Typically, the scene was set in a sports bar with the characters drinking large amounts of beer and eating ribs, Polish sausage, and other similar foods.  Some of the actors who appeared in the sketch were Chris Farley, Mike Myers, John Goodman, and Dan Aykroyd.


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