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Hello! Thank you for visiting our online Button Museum!

Since pinback buttons were patented in 1896, people have communicated and built community through these little wearable items. The mission of the Button Museum to show how as much American history as possible through pinback buttons. The words, artwork, printing style, color, and size were the final result of a vision they wanted to communicate. Buttons tell a peoples' history like anything else!

The physical museum is located in Busy Beaver Button Co.'s office where custom buttons are made!

We also happily accept button donations!

We have a book! Published and designed by the amazing Princeton Architectural Press. You can buy Button Power: 125 Years of Saying It with Buttons directly from us. Button Power is also available for purchase from your favorite bookseller. 

Please contact us if you have something to add or find any missing information. 

Thank you,
Joel and Christen Carter
(brother/sister button making/collecting duo)

The Button Museum
3407 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

A big THANK YOU to Ted Hake who founded Hake's Americana, where you can find an amazing selection of buttons (and other stuff!) for your collection. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about button history than Ted! He also started a site to sell some buttons tedhake.com, and has hundreds and hundreds for sale!

To connect with other button collectors, we belong to the APIC. We suggest you join, too!

The Button Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a proud member of:

The Button Museum relies on interns and volunteers, without them this wouldn’t be possible. If you’d like to volunteer, email Rachel Esser, Archive Manager and Internship Coordinator, at internship@buttonmuseum.org

Thank you to our current and past interns and volunteers:

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