1933 World's Fair

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Text on Button 1933 World's Fair - I was there
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White "1933" text on blue band above white "World's Fair" text in red band. Blue text "I Was There" situated on white background next to a blue illustration of the Earth rotating.

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Geraghty & Company  G 3035-37 W/ Lake St. CHICAGO. U.S.A. Union Bug

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The 1933 World’s Fair, or Century of Progress International Exposition as it was officially known, was held in Chicago from 1933 to 1934 to celebrate the city's centennial. This was the second World's Fair hosted by Chicago and by the time it closed on October 31st, 1934 it had nearly 40 million visitors. The fair was held on 427 acres on Lake Michigan’s shoreline just south of Chicago’s downtown. The exposition focused on science and industrial development with a motto of “Science finds, Industry applies, Man adapts”. The fair boasted various technological innovations from the Sky Ride, an aerial tram, that transported fairgoers above the fairgrounds to the Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition that demonstrated modern home conveniences and new building materials. Another popular attraction was the Midway which had nightclubs and performers as well as various exhibits including freak shows, models of ethnic villages, and recreations of scenes from Chicago’s history.

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