1980 Reagan Bush

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Round jugate black and white images of Reagan and Bush with gold rays of light in background, with an illustration of lady liberty in front of the American flag in the lower half of the button. 

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The button dates from the 1980 US presidential campaign, and features the Republication cadidate for president Ronald Regean and his vice presidential candidate, George H.W. Bush.   

Reagan was born in Illinois and moved to California to become an actor. He left acting to pursue policice, and served as California's governor from 1967-1975 and unsuccessfully ran for president in 1976. Bush was born in Massachusetts and his father, Prescott Bush (1895-1972), was Wall Street banker and US Senator for Connecticut. Bush, like his father, was also an elected official. He was a member of the US House for Texas, then served appointments as both the US Ambassador to the UN and the director of the CIA. In the 1980 presidential election, Reagan and Bush soundly defeated the Democratic candidates Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, receiving 489 of the 538. 

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