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Over the hill is an idiom used to describe someone old, worn out, or past their prime. The term has been in use since the mid-1900's. The phrase is alluding to one life’s as a hill. When a climber has reached the top of the hill, they are at their full prime and at the height of power, attractiveness, and ability. When they begin to descend, their life is progressing into old age. When one is over the hill, they are past their prime. Now, with the progression of time and events, the 30's are seen as the new 20's, and the 40's as the new 30's. The age that marks the top of the hill has shifted and changed with the 30's no longer seen as being ‘over the hill,’ and that age pushed to 50 due to longer life expectancies and more you can accomplish before hitting your prime age.


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