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3rd Annual Snowbird Jamboree

3rd Annual Snowbird Jamboree Event Button Museum
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3rd Annual Snowbird Jamboree button back Event Button Museum
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3rd Annual Snowbird Jamboree! LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ. FEB 27 1988 HAVE YOU HUGGED A SNOWBIRD TODAY? 1988
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Cartoon-style illustration of white bird wearing a red vest, goggles and a blue stocking hat.  They are holding ski poles and wearing skis standing on white ground and blue sky with cacti in the background.  Red, yellow and black text.

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The Winterfest “Snowbird” Jamboree is an annual event held in Havasu City, Arizona and hosted by the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce as a way to show visitors appreciation for bringing in extra revenue to the city. The event primarily attracts thousands of tourists or “snowbirds” visiting the city in February. “Snowbird” is a nickname given to people who travel south in the winter to enjoy warmer weather. 

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