76 Nobody for President

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Blue and white text on top of a design that implies a United States flag: red and white horizontal stripes, a blue triangle in the top left corner, and nine white stars are evenly distributed on the top two red stripes. 

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Dating back as far as 1940, the satirical Vote for Nobody campaign was popularized in the 1960s by humor columnist Arthur Hoppe. The campaign really hit its stride in 1976 thanks to political activists Wavy Gravy and Curtis Spangler, who declared that "Nobody" belonged to the Birthday Party and that it had a dinner roll as a running mate—gaining the attention of the masses. With Spangler as its campaign manager, Nobody hit the road for a cross-country tour, appearing in a motorcade as an empty chair in an empty car or as a pair of wind-up teeth that would chatter when questioned.

The Vote for Nobody campaign still continues today, and helps to advocate for a “None of the Above” option to be included on ballots.


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