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White and neon green text on blue and white background. White space in between blue design is made to look like a compact disc.

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93-XRT, also referred to as WXRT and XRT, is a radio station based in Chicago. It first hit the airwaves in March 1960 and continues to play blues, reggae, pop, and rock and roll for today’s Illinoisians. Popular programs broadcasted by the station include Saturday Morning Flashback hosted by on-air personalities Frank Lee and Johnny Mars and Breakfast with the Beatles hosted by rock-and-roll expert Terri Hemmert. 93-XRT programming also features All Vinyl Saturday, which involves DJs Marty Lennartz and Ryan Arnold playing albums from their personal record collections. The station is also well known for playing extravagant jokes on April Fools’ Day. For example, 93-XRT promised to host an April Fool Fest that would play live music from several dead artists in 1982. Believing that the festivities were real, hundreds of people flocked to abandoned and padlocked Navy Pier. In 1998, the station joked that they had become a subsidiary of Playboy Enterprises and that their call sign would be changed to XXXRT.


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