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95 1/2 WMET was a Chicago-based radio station that started in the 1970s. Initially licensed by the Moody Bible Institute after WWII, the station changed hands and formats several times over the years as the need for sister stations and station variety shifted. In the late 1950s, James DeHaan purchased the signal, featuring big bands and classical music along with comedy. He later sold to George "Bob" Newhart, well known actor and personality, who worked with DeHaan's partner Hogan through 1968. The station was sold to the National Science Network for a short time before passing to Metromedia who changed the format to Adult Contemporary and featured the top 40 songs.

In 1976, the call letters were changed to WMET, but still featured the 95.5 slot. Although they were still playing top 40 hits, they branded themselves as a rock station. From 1979-1985, the station took on a more heavier rock format, but again was sold and rebranded to contemporary hits. The station struggled to find an identity playing short periods of oldies, new age, smooth jazz, Spanish language music, and finally country through a variety of new owners. The station is currently known as WEBG playing country.


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