AC/DC Red and Black

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Red text and a red lightening bolt on a black background

Curl Text Personalities Inc. Gaithersburg, Maryland copyright 1983 ACDC Leidseplein Presse B.V.
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Founded by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in 1973, AC/DC is a rock and roll band from Australia that is currently comprised of four members: Angus Young, Chris Slade, Axl Rose, and Stevie Young. The name of the band was originally inspired by Margaret Young, the sister of Malcolm and Angus Young, when she noticed the initials AC/DC on a sewing machine which meant "alternating current/direct current." Being that the meaning of AC/DC was an electricity reference, the band decided to incorporate a lightening bolt in it to symbolize the band's energy. Their first album "High Voltage" debuted in 1975, which set the tone for their future success that led them to release over a dozen albums within their career. Black Ice (2008), Back in Black (1980), and BallBreaker (1995) are some of their most popular works.  

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