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African National Congress Power to the People

African National Congress Power to the People Political Button Museum
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African National Congress Power to the People button back Political Button Museum
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Yellow gold button with a black logo and black text. 

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The African National Congress (ANC) is a South African political party which opposed Apartheid. Since Nelson Mandela won the 1994 Presidential election, they have dominated South African politics. "Power to the people" is the slogan of the ANC because they believe that the people should control the government through free elections. The image on this button is a version of their symbol. The shield and spear represent the wars against colonial oppression and the militant wing of the ANC. The wheel represents bringing together all people of South Africa and the adoption of the Freedom Charter, which stated the common goals of the ANC and their allies.

Sources: ANC logo, colours and flag.  ANC Kids.

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