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Chihuahua Beer was a lager produced by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery in Mexico. It is no longer in production.

"Ahhh, Chihuahua!" may be using a play on words with the traditional Mexican phrase, “Ay, Chihuahua!” This saying is used as an expression of shock or amazement, or even to convey annoyance or resignation. A similar phrase in English would be “yikes.” The phrase originated from a longer rhyme used in the 1800s, “Ay Chihuahua, cuantos Apaches, cuantos Indios sin huaraches!” meaning, “Yikes! How many Apache Indians are there without sandals!” This was a reference to the fact that Apaches wore deerskin moccasins that went up to the calf, instead of the traditional sandals worn by Mexicans.


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