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Illustration of a man's head on a glow in the dark background with black text

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The smiling face of a person with glasses and dark hair is the image of Bronx-based artist and writer Alex Jovanovich. Jovanovich, an associate editor at Artforum, has exhibited internationally including the 2014 Whitney Biennial and the inaugural edition of FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art 2018. Much of their work consists of video projection installations, performance art, text, and small handcrafted items. Jovanovich’s projection work blends old technology with modern computer graphics creating a balance which the artist views as hot and cold. With the intention of easing viewers into a meditative state, the artwork imagery tends to focus on the concepts of life, death, and spirituality.

This button is part of the 2008 “Glow” Button-O-Matic series produced by Busy Beaver Button Company. The Button-O-Matic is a gumball style vending machine that dispenses limited edition art buttons. 


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