Alfred E. Neuman for President

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Text on Button ALFRED E. NEUMAN 4 PRESIDENT "What- Me Worry?"
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Illustration of Alfred E. Neuman on blue background with the words "What- Me Worry?" in black letters on the right side of illustration. Red text on the upper portion of button and black and blue text on bottom portion of button. Entire illustration and text on white background. 

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Alfred E. Neuman is the name of the familiar fictional character who is the red-headed, goofy-eared mascot for MAD Magazine. First making his appearance on MAD issue #21, in 1955, Alfred wasn’t yet a sensation. When MAD switched to a magazine format with issue #24, Alfred’s face again appeared on the cover with his familiar catch phrase, “What, me worry?” Alfred’s defining moment as MAD cover boy was in 1956 on issue #30 when he was offered as a candidate for president. Since issue #30, Alfred has appeared on all but a few of MAD’s covers and has been re-offered as a presidential candidate with the slogan, “You could do worse…  and always have!” Alfred was often depicted as other people or characters over the years, including George W. Bush, Gollum, Darth Vader, and Barbara Streisand. 

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