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Text on Button Thirst Altes FASSBIER Power
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White text outlined in black on a red rectangle outlined in yellow in the center of blue, green, and purple arches and loops between blue text on a white background. 

Curl Text The National Brewing Co. Detroit, Michigan
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This is a button advertising Altes Fassbier beer from Detroit, Michigan. "Fassbier" is German for "draft beer", indicating that this button is advertising for Altes brand draft beer. Altes beer was brewed by Altes Brewing Company between 1948 and 1954, and was later brewed by the National Brewing Company between 1954 and 1967. It is unclear exactly when this "Thirst Power" campaign began, but it may have been used by the National Brewing Company during the 1960s, with the introducion of the new Altes Golden Lager can, which claims it tastes "like the Fassbier draft beer". 


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