America Loves Hillary Tipper

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Jugate featuring Hillary Clinton and Mary Gore surrounded by orange banners, a pink heart, presidential inauguration seal over purple background. 

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This button dates from the second inauguration US President Bill Clinton, which occurred on January 20, 1997. The images are of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the First Lady and wife of Bill Clinton, and Mary "Tipper" Gore, the wife of US Vice President Al Gore.

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, IL and attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts during the 1960s. At Wellesley, she was active in the Young Republicans until her views on civil rights and the Vietnam War changed. After graduation, she attended Yale Law School where she met her future husband. She helped found the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families in 1977, and in 1978 was appointed to the Legal Services Corporation's board of directors by then US President Jimmy Carter. She was on the board of the New World Foundation from 1982-1988 and the Arkansas Children's Hospital Legal Services from 1988-1992. She was also active in working to remove gender bias in legal professions and served as the American Bar Association council's chair from 1987-1991. After Bill Clinton was elected president, she continued to work towards health care reform and women's equality.

Tipper Gore was born in Washington, D.C. and met her future husband during high school in 1965.  She attended both Harvard University and Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts before being graduated from Boston University.  She also holds a master's degree from George Peabody College in Tennessee.  She was briefly a newspaper photographer but was primarily a homemaker throughout her life.  Aside from her marriage to Al Gore, she gained some acclaim for founding the Parents Music Resource Center, the organization that led the record album labelling effort.


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