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Text on Button AA GROUPIE
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White background with a smiley face in the center formed out of capital A's (ridge side red, left side blue) over a red nose shape and blue crescent shape with 'GROUPIE' written in white to represent teeth. The American Airlines eagle logo is found at the top center of the button in blue. Around the edge are small blue smiley faces.

Curl Text N.G.SLATER CORP., N.Y.C. 11 (Union Bug)
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American Airlines, established in 1930 as a conglomeration of small airlines, was the first to make a profit by transporting passengers, and was the first to hire a female pilot in the 1970s. American Airlines grew through the years by acquiring smaller companies and by the 1970s had flights going across the United States and to some international cities as well. To encourage their growth they advertised on television and sold merchandise like this button. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the airline experienced massive growth and continued buying new airlines and opening new airport hubs. In the 2000s, American Airlines was hit hard by the struggles in the airline industry following 9/11, and was again affected during the stock market crash of 2008. Yet the airline continues to thrive and is currently the world's largest airline by fleet and revenue.

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