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American Federation Of Railroad Workers 1931

American Federation Of Railroad Workers 1931, Cause, Button Museum
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American Federation Of Railroad Workers 1931, Cause, Button Museum
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The top half of the button is orange with white text and the bottom half of the button green with white text. A thick white horizontal line divides the two.

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The American Federation of Railroad Workers (AFRW) was officially formed in 1915 with a membership of 9,000. The AFRW began as a union within the American Federation of Labor (AFL) called the International Association of Car Workers (IACW). Difficulties arose over jurisdiction between the IACW and the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America. The AFL order the two groups combine making the AFRW. As other unions merged or dispersed over time the membership of the AFRW fluctuated.

In the early part of the 20th century the AFRW rallied against the monopolization of the railroad by Vanderbilt, Harriman and, Morgan among others. In 1930 the AFRW along with 26 other railroad organizations limited their ranks only to white men, but this changed as the AFL become more liberalized in membership. 

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