American Revolution Bicentennial

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Red, white and blue striped star drawing on a white background with black text around the outer edge

Curl Text Officially Recognized Commemorative of the ARBA - Lic. No. 76-19-0543 Authorized under Public Law 93-179 -N.G. Slater Corp. NYC 10011 union bug
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In 1976, The U.S. government wanted to commemorate the Bicentennial of the American Revolution (1776) with a set of stamps highlighting the event. President Gerald Ford commissioned artist Bruce N. Blackburn to design the Bicentennial logo (seen on this button) as the first stamp. The series of 114 stamps lasted until 1983 when the last stamp featured a commemoration to the Treaty of Paris (1783) that established the United States as a sovereign nation. The image has since been used on a variety of memorabilia from stamps, buttons, collectible coins, to postcards. 

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