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During the October 1991 Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee, Clarence Thomas. a report was leaked to the press that contained allegations against Thomas for sexual harassment. The allegations came from Anita Hill, who had originally worked with Thomas for two years as his personal assistant when he was the head of the Office of Civil Rights at the Education Department in Washington D.C.. Upon the reports release, Hill was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a televised hearing where her statements proved divisive amongst the American people. Though Hill was hailed by supporters as a voice for the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, many found Hill to be delusional, being unable to produce any credible evidence to support her claims. 

Despite her testimony, Thomas would go on to to be sworn into the position of Supreme Court Justice with a vote of 52-48. Though the allegations were never proven, Anita Hill continues to be hailed by her supporters as a champion for women's rights and for bringing the issue of sexual harassment into the national spotlight.

Anita Hill is an American lawyer and a professor at Brandeis University, where she teaches social policy, law, and women’s studies. 

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