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Are You Putting Me On

Are You Putting Me On Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Are You Putting Me On button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Metallic text circling the edge with a optical pattern in the the center with red outside border.

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This optical pattern derives from the works of Victor Vasarely, notably his oil-on-canvas painting, Vega (1956). Vasarely is widely known as the “grandfather” of Op Art. Op Art employs abstract patterns composed with a stark contrast of a foreground and a background to produce effects that excite and confuses the viewer. Vasarely’s works of Op Art often consist of calibrated patterns of concave and complex shapes, making his paintings’ surfaces appear like an object warping out of dimension. Vega (1956) suggests that the depth and movement of the checkerboard represent a vital moment in the development of Vasarely’s style by establishing a notable technical effect of Op Art.

The phrase “putting me on” means to tease someone by convincing them of something nonsense. This may be used to emphasize the style of Op Art as the design appears to have a checkerboard pattern popping out of the button.


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