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A  black and white illustration of Arthur Godfrey holding a horse by the reins. Above the illustration is the words  "Arthur Godfrey" in white script text inside a black box. Black curved text around a white border. 

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Arthur Morton Godfrey (August 31, 1903 – March 16, 1983) was an American radio and television broadcaster and entertainer who was sometimes introduced by his nickname, The Old Redhead. As one of the most prominent of the early master commercial pitchmen, Godfrey was strongly identified with many of his many sponsors, especially Chesterfield cigarettes and Lipton Tea. Having advertised Chesterfield for many years, during which time he devised the slogan "Buy 'em by the carton," Godfrey terminated his relationship with the company after he quit smoking, five years before he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Subsequently, he became a prominent spokesman for anti-smoking education.

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